#VMworld T-shirt Review Part 1

So finally after VMworld, I’ve had time to wear a few of the T-shirts I brought home with me from San Francisco. As stated in this post I only brought 9 of the 17 T-shirt home with me. The rest were given to some of the Homeless people in San Francisco. Hoping people will have a chance to get the same shirts in Barcelona for VMworld Europe.

First up the Zerto T-shirt

2014-08-29 07.42.20 2014-08-29 07.42.45


Name: Zerto
Model: Next Level apparel XXL 100% Cotton
Size: XXL
Quality: The fabric feels nice and soft, even after the first wash, good step up from last years Zerto shirt.
Print: Last years Zerto shirt had a very prominent print, which I gave a bad score, but this year they toned it down alot. Might they have been listening ?
Score: 6/10
Conclusion: A very big step up from last year, color is a dark red, that I’d actually wear in public :).


Next up the Pernix Data T-shirt


2014-08-29 07.30.21 2014-08-29 07.30.46

Name: Pernix Data
Model: Next Level apparel XXL 100% Cotton
Size: XXL
Quality: Fabric on this one is also very soft, however it feels alot thinner than Zerto shirt, so not sure how good this will hold up after a few washes
Print: Pernix has created a nice Game of Thrones print for their shirt, with the words Decoupling has Come. A nice touch.
Score: 7/10
Conclusion: This was one of the shirts that everyone seemed to want. Even on the first day the XXL’s were sold out. Very nice! A shirt I could wear outside work.


Last one in this review is the Pluralsight T-shirt

2014-08-29 07.33.45 2014-08-29 07.34.03


Name: Pernix Data
Model: Next Level apparel XXL 100% Cotton
Size: XXL
Quality: Again a Next Level T-shirt. Seems alot has gone with them this year, and it feels really nice and soft. Again a bit on the thin side.
Print: A pretty nice vNerd logo and a little print. Not too much in your face, and a clean back. Something I can use outside work.
Score: 7/10
Conclusion: Good quality and not too overpowering graphics good job Pluralsight.


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