Wow looks like its going to be an Amazing #VMUGDK Nordic in December.

My hat off to the Danish/Nordic VMUG Leaders for pulling off this line up, of speakers at the small conference VMUG.DK, that’s being held at Scandic Copenhagen Hotel at December

If you haven’t signed up already, please do so here:

vmug confIt will be an amazing event. And if you’ve never been to VMworld this will let you experience a small bit of that, as the conference is set up as a small VMworld, with a small Solutions Exchange where VMware partners will showcase some of their products. There will be Keynotes and break-out sessions so you can pick those that are most to your interest. Or do something different and pick some of those that you don’t know about, but could learn something new.

Besides that you will have the opportunity to meet and talk to a lot of other VMware customers from the Nordic countries. And it’s usually very rewarding talking to other customers about their setups and comparing that to your own. And your own setup might not be as outdated as you might think, you’ll be amazed.

After the event there will be a #vBeers event where you can get a drink with all your VMUG friends. details will be posted on #vmugdk on twitter and an invite is usually given at the conference as well.

As for the line-up of speakers try to look at this list. That’s a huge line-up of prominent speakers. And along with these there will be a number of community sessions where VMware costumers do a presentation on a subject of their choosing. (I did one once too)

am3XhJe2_400x400William Lam @lamw from VMware is famous for his scripting and automation abilities. And has been a speaker at VMworld numerous times. Including the very famous “Ask the Expert vBloggers” which always is full and has a big waiting list. I must say a major scoop bringing William to Denmark, for the first time.

GwWM0l9G_400x400Duncan Epping @duncanyb Duncan probably needs no introduction, having been voted #1 vBlogger for past 8 years running. Also a part of the famous Dutch vMafia crew, which also includes giants like Frank Denneman from PernixData and Eric Sloof. Duncan works as a Chief Technologist at the office of the CTO at VMware.

95r7ewTU_400x400Cormac Hogan @CormacJHogan from VMware also know as Mr. VMwareStorage, has the last few years been talking about VSAN and VVOL‘s Always a pleasure to hear Cormac speak, very down to earth approach to speak at VMworld and VMUG.


DSC_0082v2_400x400Paul Strong @pauldstrong VP & Chief Technology Officer, Global Field at VMware. Famous for Cloud and Grid Computing communities. I’ve actually never heard Paul speak, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about his presentations, so looking forward to that very much.

3203553dc384d101fe8c7093108cd5db_400x400Paudie ORiordan @oriorp from VMware. Managed to get 1000 followers without a single tweet. Has tweeted a lot since then 🙂 Has spoken at VMUG’s in Denmark twice before, and especially the first one about VMware support and what customers called in with, made a huge impression.

joerg_lew_400x400Joerg Lew @joerglew from VMware is an Orchestration and Automation Guru from Germany. His page has tons of stuff for vCenter Orchestrator and vRealize Automation Center.


Andreas_Twitter_Avatar_400x400And last but not least, the Danish VMUG Leader team has been able to get Andreas Mogensen @Astro_Andreas, Denmarks first Astronout, speak at the event. This will bring Geek to a whole new level. Guess we’ll hear some insights from his trip to the ISS, and hopefully get to ask some questions too!

A truly  amazing line-up. So if you haven’t signed up yet, hurry up and do so now!


Less than a month to #VMworld SF

I’m guessing you already know this, but the Schedule Builder for VMworld US is online, and you have to hurry to get into the sessions you want to see. Even if the session is full, do put yourself on the waiting list and/or add it to your interests, as this will alert VMware that there is a larger interest than they have scheduled, and more often than not, they move the session to a larger room, or add a repeat of the session on a later date. But I must stress that its important to register, as you wont get into any of the popular sessions by standing outside the doors.

Besides the sessions, there are mainly two things I’m looking forward to when it comes to VMworld, first is the Solutions Exchange where the different vendors have stands of varying sizes and have experts on hand to tell you all about their products. You can always find something of interest to you there. Besides that, a lot of them offers T-shirts, which I’ve begun to review.

The second thing is the networking, there are tons of interesting people to talk to, both costumers and vendor people. Quite a lot of bright people attend VMworld. And pretty much anyone who is anything in the virtualization scene is there, and more often than not are quite willing to chat about tech stuff with you.

And then of course there are all the receptions/parties that you will get invited to if you visit the vendors booths or follow them on twitter.

So far I’ve scheduled these session

#STO5063 Building SQL Server on Geographically distributed Clusters with Virtual San
#STO5333 Building a  Streched Cluster with Virtual SAN
#STO6289 Top Design Principles for Architecting a VM-Aware Storage infrastructure
#STO4650 Five Common Customer Use cases for Virtual SAN
#STO5336 VMware Virtual SAN – Architecture Deep Dive
#STO4544 Using Virtual SAN to Maximize Database Performance
#INF4535 5 Functions of Software Defined Availability
#INF5116 A Practical Introduction to DevOps for VMware Administrators
#SDDC4593 Ask the Expert vBloggers
#SDDC4595 Ask the Expert industry Titans
#SDDC6642 The Bleeding Edge: A facemelting technical smorgasbord of Private, Hybrid and Paas
#VAPP Advanced SQL Server on vSphere

And I’m having a Schedule Conflict that I hope will be resolved with
#STO6556 Stretched Clusters with Lee Dilworth
#SDDC5273 VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: From vSAN to EVO: Rail and EVO:Rack

EVO:Rail – first Impressions

Yesterday at the Keynote, one of the new offerings VMware announced was EVO:Rail, A Hyperconverged Infrastructure. This means OEMS have created small 2U formfactor rail mountable machines, that each hold 4 ESXi hosts. VMware has then provided the software that goes on top.

So no VMware is NOT selling us Hardware, we have to go to the OEM vendors like Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, Inspur, Net One Systems and SuperMicro. to get these.

Licensed in the SKU is all the software you need to get a SDDC up and running in around 15 minutes from its been racked and cabled. For full details on whats in an EVO:Rail offering  look at Duncan’s post under Links.

So who is this for ? People who wants to get to close SDDC nirvana fast. And people starting out might find this very tempting. I don’t see myself using EVO:Rail at my workplace. But small companies that, for whatever reason, don’t want a Cloud solution, could find EVO:Rail very promising. As it contains everything you need to start and has a simple interface for you to use. Everything installs itself.

This is the first offering, but they were hinting at Rack-scale or Datacentre scale versions of this, and that might be promising to bigger companies. EVO:Rack Tech Preview

For me personally, its not the process of getting the Hardware and Software installed, that is the biggest problem with going toward SDDC. The problem is getting all your tweaks and various administrative procedures implemented in the Software. I would be nice if you could standardize those administrative procedures to fit something like EVO:Rail, but that is usually a far larger battle than getting the money for the software and hardware.

I’m sure we’ll see a lot more press about EVO:Rail in the coming months.


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