#VMUGDK event upcoming.

So the next VMUG Danish edition is almost upon us, and if you haven’t registered already I can only urge you to do so at vmug.com/denmark

VMUG’s are the gathering of users of VMware from your local area, and once in a while we are hosting guest speakers like the superstars. This time the always interesting Duncan Epping and for the opening Keynote Kit Colbert has agreed to come and speak to us. The full agenda of speakers can be found here

As the name implies VMUG’s are for and by the users and as such you’re always encouraged to give a presentation of what you have done with VMware. And don’t be shy, no matter how small a solution you have and run, someone else at the usergroup has a similar setup. A lot of the users who attend have somewhere between 1 and 20 hosts, and most likely face a lot of the same challenges that you have.

At my current work I’m somewhat on the other end of that scale, owning a VMware platform that hosts around 25.000 VM’s. That sounds daunting, and there are some new learnings for VMware at scale, but at the core this is just numbers. Your basic VMware training/knowledge still comes in very handy.

Through the VMUGs I’ve gotten many new friends that share some of the same experiences that I’ve had. These friends that helped me at first when I was new to VMware and I have to agree this has helped me work wise as well. It was at similar usergroup I was approached with the position of my current job.

This time the VMUG will be held at the new Movie theatre at Fields Copenhagen, which offers multiple rooms for presentations. So you will have to the ability to choose between 25 different breakout sessions that are held throughout the day. After the closing reception, VEEAM has sponsored a viewing of Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi.

Hope to see you at VMUG!



[DANISH] Hør tips og tricks inden du tager til VMworld 2017 i Barcelona


Jeg var ligesom resten af Arrow Blogger boardet inviteret til at snakke om forventninger til VMworld 2017, jeg havde dog ikke desværre ikke mulighed for at deltage, men Michael Ryom, Rasmus Haslund og Frank Brix har lavet en podcast. I denne podcast kan du høre lidt om hvad du skal huske inden du tager afsted, hvad du bør se og hvor du bør være med. I denne podcast er Liselotte Foverskov også med og lærer de andre tre nogle gloser i Catalansk, førend det går løs i Barcelona.

Denne podcast er tilgængelig via iTunes og Arrows Blogger Board RSS feed.

Vi fra boa170x170bbrdet takker Arrow og Karina Søndergaard Nielsen som har stablet dette på benene for at hjælpe de danske deltagere i Barcelona.

Jeg selv deltog i USA så tager ikke til Barcelona, men god tur til alle jer der skal afsted.



Michael Ryom: https://michaelryom.dk/
Rasmus Haslund: https://www.perfectcloud.org/
Frank Brix: http://www.vfrank.org/
Arrow Blogger Board: http://marketing.arrowecs.dk/web/Arrow-Blogger-Board
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/dk/podcast/arrow-podcast/id1275494966?l=da&mt=2


One of the best #vExpert gifts there is.


Lifelong learning.
That is really something to live by. Never stop learning and growing and you will be even more successful both at work and privately. Always seek ways to expand your mind and you will be forever better.

One of the greatest gifts given to vExperts is the year long access to PluralSight, who offers more than 5000 online courses, on everything from arts to technology.  Even if you don’t get this for free, I truly recommend this. I had a subscription to PluralSight even before becoming a vExpert, and would buy a subscription again

So thank you very much PluralSight for this amazing gift!

A member of the Danish Arrow Blogger Board – Updated with Video


Wow, I’ve been selected as one of the top bloggers in Denmark, along with quite a lot of my own technical heroes in Denmark. Namely the Arrow ECS Blogger Board.

I’m very honored to be considered one of the bloggers that gives information back to the community,  even though my blog posts aren’t often that technical as the rest of this blogger board. All 6 of the selected people are also designated vExperts, so its a really nice selection of people.

The board consist of people like Mads Fog Albrechtlund, one of Denmark’s leading VRO/VRA specialists, who works at Proact. Michael Ryom also works at Proact as an ESXi and vRealize specialist.

There’s also the Party Duo Frank Brix and Rasmus Haslund, who works for Cohesity and Veeam, and the last member at the moment is Robert Jensen from VMware Denmark, who is the one of the new vExperts from Denmark in 2016.

So I expect that this board of bloggers will post quite a few posts about VMware and virtualization in general. Today Frank Brix and myself was interviewed by Liselotte Foverskov from Arrow about our careers and community and VMware in general.

Update: here with a link to the video in danish though


The Nordic #VMug is just around the corner #vExpert #vmugdk



In less than two weeks time the now legendary Nordic VMug will take place at the Scandic Hotel in Copenhagen.

If you haven’t been to VMworld this is probably the VMug to attend, as it is shaped like a mini VMworld. There are keynotes, different tracks to choose from, giveaways and actually also something that looks like a small Solutions Exchange where the sponsors have stands, on which you can talk technicians and sales people from the respective sponsors and exhibitioners. Usually this a really nice way to have one to one with vendors where you can ask your questions without standing up in a room with 400 people to ask your question.

And as usual you will be joined by around 400 of your peers, fellow vSphere admins, powercli and java scripters. And I can truly say, that there is a huge variety in costumers, you will find them with setups that has 2 hosts and 25 VM’s up to 20.000 VM’s and 2.000 hosts. So there WILL be someone there with a setup close to yours, with whom you can talk to about theirs or your own setup. This networking part is the key in VMug, you’ll be able to connect with a lot of other costumers and VMware staff, that can help you in your day to day life,

If you haven’t signed up already you can head over here to do so, and if you work with VMware I encourage you to do so.

8b8002e49394354785381be3ce0d8b47_400x400The setup of speakers this time, pretty much reads like who’s who of VMware fame. The opening keynote will be performed by Jeremy van Doorn, who has been one of the cohosters of #Vmworld TV.

picture-121-1439490090Then there will be VMware superstars like the now returned Frank Denneman, with the closing keynote talking about the latest cloud move by VMware, where they can put VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services Cloud.


The ever pleasent Cormac Hogan will once again come to our VMug, this time to speak about Cloud Native Application projects that are running at VMware. Cormac is also know for his deep insights into VMware Storage.

Duncan Epping also again has agreed to comGwWM0l9G_400x400e and give a presentation about vSAN, and this time will give us some insights on the roadmap and the future he sees for vSAN in the coming years.

imagesMike Foley of VMware will do a presentaion on Security features of vSphere, and most likely give a deep dive in to the new cool vSphere 6.5 security features that was just released. Security and Compliance is an ever increasing part of a vSphere Admin’s life, so be sure to attend this one.


Then there’s Lee Dilworth who previously has done presentation of vSphere streched Clustering along with Duncan. This time he will talk about the way vSAN I/O actually works. You can expect some good insights into this product.

There will also be sessions from Ghaleb Zekri from VMware, Simon Eady a VMug Leader, Andrea Mauro from Italy, Brian Knutsson from Atea, Grant Orchard from VMware , Michael Ryom & Nicolai Sandager from ProAct, Simon Todd from VMware, David Hill from VMware and Marteinn Sigurdsson from Thekking of Iceland

Check it all out at https://www.vmug.com/vmugdk and I hope to see you there.