The wait is almost over!

This is an exciting week. Tonight VMware starts their 28 days of February Launch, so keep a lookout for that. 6.0 does bring some exciting new features.

This week is also the week where the first batch of 2015 #vExperts should be revealed. I’ve send an application, and fingers will be crossed. Hope to see a lot of fellow #VMUG’ers on the list.

Have a nice and hopefully exciting week!

#vExpert application

Just received the email, that the 2015 applications for the prestigious vExpert award has been opened. I myself was lucky enough to be awarded the honor in 2014, and have submitted a request for a repeat in 2015. Crossing my fingers that my contributions to the community in 2014 has been enough.

I’m thinking that, the easiest way, to earn the reward is to do sessions at your local VMUGs, and don’t worry about your content, I held a session which I though was too basic, but was very well received by the audience.

Another way is to blog about VMware, but coming up with original blog material isn’t always that easy. Do your research properly, and make sure that you credit everyone you have gotten inspiration from.

Even if you haven’t done either of these 2 things, you can still apply, however naming a sponsor from VMware that can vouch for your claims, will definitely help your application.

If you think this might be something for you, you can find the application form here:

Vendor Bashing – A Plea

It has often been the case in the Storage world, that vendors were prone to bashing each other heavily. Often on misguided or outdated beliefs. That is not something as common in the Server world.  And it seemed like it was finally at a point where the maturity of the Storage Vendors had risen to a point where they focused more on themselves than on what the competition could or could not do. However it seems with all these new hybrid storage, or all flash vendors popping all over, that vendor bashing is back in full. Vendor bashing only creates negativity, bashes going back and forth is a bad downwards spiral, that is very hard to break out from.

A lot of exciting new things are happening in storage world. Flash is a great disruptor of a world that has been pretty much static for quite a few years. We’ve gotten All flash, hybrid flash arrays, tiered arrays, converged storage, hyperconverged boxes and what have you not. There should be plenty of opportunity for all to create an exiting product.

So please!
Focus on what it is that your product can do, what features do you bring, and let the costumer compare this to the other vendors products. In the end you will end up with a happier costumer. A costumer that by themselves have figured out what the others can and can’t do, will easily see through your lies and will be a costumer lost forever. Or at least a costumer that will be very hard to convince to try your product out again. And on the whole you’re hurting the entire storage world.

Had to put that out there!.

#vExpert 2014 !


So, right in the middle of a very mesmerizing football game between Germany and Brazil, the vExpert 2014 announcements were made. I think I’ve checked my email at least 400 times today, and then I found out on twitter that I had been selected 🙂

So just wanted to state that I’m very honored to have been included in this selective group, and I will do my utmost to keep my place. And sorry Duncan there will probably be a flurry of these posts now 🙂

Big congratulations to all the other new vExperts

6-0 to Germany at the moment!