VMware Design Workshop

I’ve just spend 3 days at Arrow ECS attending this course. It was taught by Alistair Sutherland, and I must say I was very impressed by it.

The main goal of this course, by my guess, was to make us question our design choices, and be able to defend every choice we made. This was done by teaching us a methodology, that can actually be used on other things than VMware design.

In short this was AMPRSC, Availability, Manageability, Performance, Recoverability, Security and Cost. And if you rate each design choice by this its easy to do comparison.

An example could be dvSwitches. Going through AMPRSC we could rate this as

  • Availability could decrease a bit as a single error could tear down the entire dvSwitch.
  • Manageability would increase a lot due to only 1 place to manage your switch, and the more hosts you have the more this increases.
  • Performance I would rate as neutral
  • Recoverability would be positive as you’re able to back up and restore dvSwitch configurations.
  • Security I would also rate as neutral
  • Cost would be negative as this needs an E+ license.

If you then also document your assumptions all the time, in this case it could be that the costumer already had E+ licenses, then the choice becomes clear.

This also means that when someone reviews your design document 6 months from now, and asks “Why on earth did you do that!?!?”, you can easily point to your rationale for choosing something.

One other thing that set this course apart from any other VMware course I’ve taken is the Lab Exercises. Instead of each student sitting by himself and solving labs on his or her computer, we were split up into 2 teams and given a scenario and told to do their design for example on storage. So we went through the AMPRSC cycle for each choice we made in designing the storage for that scenario. When completed 1 team presented their design to the other team, who then challenged the decisions that had been made. Through the 3 days the teams got very good at defending their choices.

This is a very good course to take, especially if your job includes designing solutions for costumers. Even I as an internal IT-Architect had great benefit from this course, and i would give it my recommendations.

Link: http://mylearn.vmware.com/mgrreg/courses.cfm?ui=www_edu&a=one&id_subject=25719

Second Sponsor T-shirt Review

Its time to review a few more Sponsor T-shirts. This time its 2 really good ones, and 2 that are so and so. Good examples on what to do and not to do.

First up is the Official VMworld 2012 T-shirt

VMworld 2012 frontVMworld 2012 back

Name: Official VMworld T-shirt of 2012
Model: Hanes Tagless 100% cotton
Size: XXL
Quality: After quite a few washes this shirt has only lost a bit of its shape, a big step up from 2010 and 2011 shirts
Print: The print is still visible, but is a bit faded. Its somewhat more “in your face” than the previous years.
Score: 6/10
Conclusion: The fabric still feels good, its a bit stiff after washing but that quickly subsides. A good shirt.

Next up is an F5 T-shirt from 2010

F5 2010 Front F5 2010 Sleeve

Name: F5 2010
Model: Hanes Tagless 100% Cotton
Size: XXL
Quality: This shirt has been washed a lot and still keeps its shape, really nice.
Print: The print is a bit faded. but still good. No print on the back side
Score: 10/10
Conclusion: This is a shirt done the perfect way. Good job F5. A nice catchy image on the front and a very discreet logo on the sleeve. One need to look closely to figure out who made this shirt. This is really nice done by F5 and a shirt i wear often when off from work.

3rd one is from 3Par

3Par 2010 front 3Par 2010 sleeve

Name: 3Par from 2010
Model: C Port and Company 100% Preshrunk Cotton
Size: XXL
Quality: After a lot of , this T-shirt has kept its shape perfectly 
Print: The print is still visible, but is faded. Considering how much this has been washed since 2010 its pretty nice
Score: 9/10
Conclusion: The fabric is still soft and nice, colors a bit faded but again a shirt of good quality. And the 3Par logo isn’t that obvious, again a good shirt. 3Par has changed a lot since HP bought them.

Last one is from Veeam

Veeam 2010 front Veeam 2010 back

Name: Veeam 2010
Model: Gildan Heavy Cotton, 100% Preshrunk Cotton
Size: XXL
Quality: After some washes, this T-shirt has gone a bit out of shape, but still is wearable
Print: The print is still visible, but is a bit faded
Score: 3/10
Conclusion: A nice logo on the front. “Virtualization Lover”, but then the back is completely hopeless, way too much info and not a shirt i would wear anywhere but at home, when only the family is around.

First Sponsor T-shirt Review

This is the first review I’ve planned. I bounced the idea of a few #vmugdk’ers who thought it could be a fun thing to do. So here goes the first review, and if people like it I’ll keep going.

Thinking about doing this under VMworld 2014 as well, it could be fun to do review while there and point people towards the nice t-shirts and maybe get feedback on where to get some myself.

To start of this review, I’m gonna review 1 very good one, one which is O.K.  and 2 very bad ones, detailing what I find good about them and what I find wrong with the bad ones.

First one is a shirt from VMworld 2010 in Copenhagen.

VMworld 2010 frontVMworld 2010 back

Name: Official VMworld T-shirt of 2010
Model: Hanes Tagless 90% cotton / 10% Polyester
Size: XL
Quality: After a few washes, this T-shirt has gone out of shape, become wider and shorter.
Print: The print is still visible, but is somewhat faded. Not that obvious and could be worn on normal days
Score: 4/10
Conclusion: The fabric feels a bit thin, but the print is still kept very neutral, a good choice.

Second one is from VMworld 2013 in San Francisco.

VMworld 2013 Front VMworld 2013 Back

Name: Official VMworld T-shirt of 2013.
Model: Hanes Tagless 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester
Size:  XXL
Quality: This Hanes T-shirt has been washed a lot since SF and still stays in shape, it’s actually one of my favorite “sponsor” T-shirts of all time
Print: The print is still very visible after a lot of washes, colors are starting to fade a bit. Again not very aggressive print and something I could wear when not at work.
Score: 9/10
Conclusion: One way to make people wear your shirt is to get one of a good quality. Well done VMware on this one.


Third is also from VMworld 2013 in San Francisco.

Vsan 2013 Front Vsan 2013 Back Vsan 2013 wear

Name: VMware VSAN t-shirt
Model: Next Level Apparel. 100% Cotton
Size: XXL
Quality: I’ve only been able to use the shirt twice, as the second time it got washed on normal temperatures it got out of shape and the sewing at the bottom started to unravel. I have 2 of these t-shirts and both has done this so guessing its the general quality of the t-shirt that is to blame.
Print: The print stays on pretty good and is quite ok at the front. The back is the official 2013 Defy Convention logo with the vsanbeta tag.
Score: 2/10
Conclusion: As VSAN was only at the beta stage when VMworld 2013 was running, that might be why they skipped on quality here. But with the low quality it means that this is not a t-shirt I can wear again, which kinda defeats the purpose of sponsor t-shirts I would guess.


And the fourth is from VMworld 2013 in San Francisco.

Zerto 2013 Front Zerto 2013 Back

Name: Zert0
Model: Gildan Heavy Cotton 100% Cotton
Size: XL
Quality: This t-shirt has only been washed once, but seems to already be a bit out of shape. But it seems to be a nice quality cotton, somewhat thicker than the VSAN one.
Print: What can i say here… who would wear this t-shirt anywhere but at the convention where you could win something by wearing it.
Score: 2/10
Conclusion: This is a prime example of a way not to get people to wear your t-shirts. It might not have been meant as anything but a gimmick at VMworld, but who in their right mind would wear these colors outside a convention:)

Sponsor t-shirt review

I’ve come up with an idea to review the sponsor t-shirts we always seems to get when attending VMworld or other conferences.

So the idea is that I post some t-shirts and review them, looking at build quality, how they handle washing and drying etc. It might be stupid but who knows. Was thinking I could do a poll when it comes to VMworld where people could vote on the t-shirts they found the best.

I have to figure out how to do a Poll in WordPress where you can vote and I can keep adding new t-shirts.

Great VMUG Meeting in Denmark

On April 3rd VMUG Denmark held its first vMug of the year, the place was a repeat of a nice setting that was done last year as well. It was held in a Cinema and afterwards there were a showing of the new Captain America: The Winter Soldier Movie. More than 100 vMuggers had claimed a ticket for this VMUG so the cinema was filled to capacity.

It started off with Nicolai Sandager bidding us all welcome, talked about the next VMUGs in june 19th and november 20th. There will also be a VMUG in Jutland but the date hasn’t been set yet. He proceeded to give a shoutout to the 11 freshly awarded Danish vExperts, and seemingly on purpose omitting Frank Brix on the list on the screen :).

The first presentation, was done by one of the sponsors of the event Bitdefender, who talked about their antivirus products. To be honest that was the low point of the day. Not that many people really care about antivirus, its one of those things you have to do, and causes problems once in a while, but no more than that. I’m thinking its kinda hard to make such a topic interesting for a room full of VMware geeks.

The next presentation was something entirely different. Mads Fog, one of a new vExperts, did a very interesting presentation on his ventures into getting vSphere to run on Apple hardware. Seems like a real niche thing, but i’m guessing it has some use cases around the world. You can read more about Mads’ work here

macpro rack mount

After a break PernixData founder and CEO Poojan Kumar took the stage with Frank Brix as his Wingman doing a product demo. Poojan took us through the basics of how PernixData was created “2 guys and a Powerpoint”. And gave us a really nice presentation on PernixData FVP. The product actually seems very nice, but I havent seen many Danish companies adopting it yet. But it shows great promise, and I do believe that i could find more than one use case for FVP at my job.

Next up was Scott Lowe who gave a very good introduction to Cloud Networking. And even though the presentation simply was called “NSX – Scott Lowe” most of the time was spent on talking about what you would require of a technology that was deemed Cloud Networking. For those of us who aren’t working with networking on a daily basis this was a really great introduction. And of course it’s always a great help that Scott is a such a good presenter.

scott lowe

After his presentation Scott had a meeting with the Danish VCDX Study group, while the rest of us networked.

The last presentation of the day was done by Lego Geek Simon Gallagher about his vTardis platform, and its evolution from a noisy and heat producing Compaq server to his latest version that ran on his way more wife friendly 32Gb Laptop. vTardis is his lab setup for vSphere, running nested ESXi’s inside VMware Workstation. This actually seems like a very good way to do test labs. 2 of the key take-aways from this was, Autodeploy is your friend, and DO invest in an SSD disc for your lab, otherwise you’ll end up waiting for hours for stuff to boot.

That concluded the days presentation and after a run to grab Coke and Popcorn it was time for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In my opinion very american movie with a lot of action, which let you switch off your brain and just watch 🙂

The day ended with a vBeers event, in which more than 30 vMuggers partook, a great conclusion on another great VMUG by the Danish VMUG-team. Looking forward to the next VMUG