VMUG in Copenhagen february 19th.

This years VMUG in a cinema is about NSX, and features sessions from customers that are using NSX and some that are contemplating it. VMUGdk has also scooped Martin Casado to come and speak. Martin is the co-founder of Nicera, the company that VMware bought to rename it to NSX.

I will try to give a recap of the day below.

First up was a customer session with Michael Munk Larsen and Thomas Raabo from Zitcom, talking about their transformation from “normal” networking to Software Defined Networking.


A very honest accounting of their experiences with NSX and all the issues they have encountered working with the first versions of the product, and why they don’t run NSX yet. Ended up sounding a lot like an NSX bashing session, but they kept pointing out that all the nice things about NSX can you read on different blogs.

Next up we had a very enthusiastic presentation from Martin Casado,
Starting out by giving a background story on Network virtualization .


Next moving on to showcasing different use cases for network virtualization: automation and micro segmentation.


A very interesting session with good points about network virtualization, and very nice work by the VMUGdk team to get Martin to Denmark

The next speaker was Christer Swartz of Palo Alto Networks, formerly of Cisco and Netflix. Doing a presentation on Palo Altos views on NSX and on software defined networking. Talking about what Palo Altos firewall can do for you.

Also talking about Dynamic Address Groups, and how that works with NSX


Making a point about having both the physical and virtual topology be both managed by Panorama, their management software, and them being aware of each other.

Not that big, a company in Denmark, but does seem to have some really nice features.


The last session is a community session, by Stefan Pahrmann from Lego


Talking about their reasons for buying NSX, and their plans to implement the software. Their main reasons are security concerns when expanding in both Asia and USA. Another big reason for their purchase was the automation part of NSX. Both very good reasons, and the much of the same reason I will consider an NSX installation

A very nicely done 5 slides presentation.

One of the points was stating that software was better than hardware always… Have to Quote Signoutdk on this one.

“I still prefer my LEGO to be hardware no matter what they say!”

After this there were a few price draws, and we finished off with watching the movie Kingsman, the secret service.

As a nice joke, Liselotte (VMUGDK leader), had the cinema start the movie 50 Shades of Grey instead, leaving 250 males bewildered πŸ™‚



Thank you VMUGDK for a nice day.

#VMworld – My expectations

Summer is approaching fast, and soon this years VMworlds in San Francisco and Barcelona will be upon us. This brings with it, a lot of speculations on what will be unveiled and what will happen with old products.


As stated in an earlier post, I’ve submitted a Session to VMworld about vCops, and are right now waiting on June the 2nd, to hear whether or not that session has been accepted. Regardless of the outcome, I will attend the US VMworld in San Francisco again. Hotel, Flight and VMworld ticket has already been purchased, but a short trip to Barcelona might be required if the session is accepted. This will be my 5th VMworld.

This post is about my views on VMworld and what I think will happen there, it’s not based on any facts so don’t put any bets down, based upon what I write here.

Last year nearly 23.000 VMworld fans attended the US conference. That is a huge number, but whats more amazing was the fact that, if I recall correctly, nearly 70% of the attendees were first timers. If even more people attend this year, I fear the Moscone Center will be too small πŸ™‚

So what can we expect from VMware in august. They have often announced the new version of vSphere, so that should suggest we would see them unveil vSphere 6.0 at the US conference. I however have heard talk that suggests otherwise. It suggests that VMware will focus more on stability when it comes to vSphere and lengthen the release cycles to 18-24 months, from the current 12. This in my eyes is great news, the base Virtualization layer must be very stable, as it is the foundation that all their other products build upon. So I don’t expect vSphere 6 till sometime early 2015.

I expect to see version 6 of vCops however. There has been a closed beta for a while now, and there are some improvements in there that are really needed. Like different licenses for different vCenters or Clusters. You might not want the biggest license for your development cluster, or a customer might not want to pay for the biggest license in your hosting center. I’m told that Custom reports has gotten a big lift.

NSX was the big talking point last VMworld, but it hasn’t really hit it off like VSAN has. I think this might be due to the lengthy beta phase of VSAN, and I’m hoping VMware will try to let people have a go at NSX before buying it. One of the features I would love to see in NSX was to switch the built-in firewall and load balancers to something else. But I’m guessing that a lot of at least financial and pharmaceutical customers would have to qualify the built-in versions. A faster adoption could be that the firewall could be a Checkpoint or Juniper. The same goes for the load balancing part an F5 or a Citrix Netscaler plug-able version would help with a lot of the customers.

Last year we had Train supported by Imagine Dragon at the US conference and Taio Cruz in Barcelona. That’s two widely different styles of music. But I’m actually out of guesses on which bands will be selected this year, guess we just have to wait and see πŸ™‚

Food, drink and Snacks
One thing I’ve always missed at VMworld, was better catering. It seems like its being kept to the bare minimum and last year in SF I only tried the lunch once, it was really bad. Barcelona 2 years ago was also bad, which kinda baffles me considering the amount of great food you can find in Barcelona. Looking at TechEd or CiscoLive my colleges who come home from these, are actually amazed at the amount of food, drink and snacks that are available to them during the day, both healthy and no-so-healthy stuff. I remember having to bring my own Coca Cola to VMworld last year. VMware please step up the effort on this part, pretty much the only bad thing I have to say about VMworld.

My goal this year at VMworld is to try to collect as many T-shirts I can grab, and review them during VMworld, so hopefully if you find my reviews nice you can go grab the same shirts. If it really hits off, I’m hoping people would suggest where I could find great shirts too.

Hmm writing about this makes me hope that august comes much quicker! πŸ™‚ I’m really looking forward to VMworld and hope to see a lot of you there!.



Great VMUG Meeting in Denmark

On April 3rd VMUG Denmark held its first vMug of the year, the place was a repeat of a nice setting that was done last year as well. It was held in a Cinema and afterwards there were a showing of the new Captain America: The Winter Soldier Movie. More than 100 vMuggers had claimed a ticket for this VMUG so the cinema was filled to capacity.

It started off with Nicolai Sandager bidding us all welcome, talked about the next VMUGs in june 19th and november 20th. There will also be a VMUG in Jutland but the date hasn’t been set yet. He proceeded to give a shoutout to the 11 freshly awarded Danish vExperts, and seemingly on purpose omitting Frank Brix on the list on the screen :).

The first presentation, was done by one of the sponsors of the event Bitdefender, who talked about their antivirus products. To be honest that was the low point of the day. Not that many people really care about antivirus, its one of those things you have to do, and causes problems once in a while, but no more than that. I’m thinking its kinda hard to make such a topic interesting for a room full of VMware geeks.

The next presentation was something entirely different. Mads Fog, one of a new vExperts, did a very interesting presentation on his ventures into getting vSphere to run on Apple hardware. Seems like a real niche thing, but i’m guessing it has some use cases around the world. You can read more about Mads’ work here

macpro rack mount

After a break PernixData founder and CEO Poojan Kumar took the stage with Frank Brix as his Wingman doing a product demo. Poojan took us through the basics of how PernixData was created “2 guys and a Powerpoint”. And gave us a really nice presentation on PernixData FVP. The product actually seems very nice, but IΒ havent seen many Danish companies adopting it yet. But it shows great promise, and I do believe that i could find more than one use case for FVP at my job.

Next up was Scott Lowe who gave a very good introduction to Cloud Networking. And even though the presentation simply was called “NSX – Scott Lowe” most of the time was spent on talking about what you would require of a technology that was deemed Cloud Networking. For those of us who aren’t working with networking on a daily basis this was a really great introduction. And of course it’s always a great help that Scott is a such a good presenter.

scott lowe

After his presentation Scott had a meeting with the Danish VCDX Study group, while the rest of us networked.

The last presentation of the day was done by Lego Geek Simon Gallagher about his vTardis platform, and its evolution from a noisy and heat producing Compaq server to his latest version that ran on his way more wife friendly 32Gb Laptop. vTardis is his lab setup for vSphere, running nested ESXi’s inside VMware Workstation. This actually seems like a very good way to do test labs. 2 of the key take-aways from this was, Autodeploy is your friend, and DO invest in an SSD disc for your lab, otherwise you’ll end up waiting for hours for stuff to boot.

That concluded the days presentation and after a run to grab Coke and Popcorn it was time for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In my opinion very american movie with a lot of action, which let you switch off your brain and just watch πŸ™‚

The day ended with a vBeers event, in which more than 30 vMuggers partook, a great conclusion on another great VMUG by the Danish VMUG-team. Looking forward to the next VMUG