vSphere 6.0

So it’s finally here!
The long-awaited release of vSphere 6.0, has been released, and will ready for download medio March we’ve been told. I’ve done a small write-up of some of the new features in this release.

Release cycles
As seen at VMworld, where many customers thought that VMware would release vSphere 6.0, VMware has adopted a strategy of longer release cycles of the core component vSphere. So instead of a yearly release we are most likely to see roughly 18 months release cycles instead. This is because the hypervisor needs to be stable all the time, and not something you’d need to upgrade all the time. On the other hand products like vRealize Operations or vRealize Automation Center will see shorter release cycles. I’m really liking this approach, as the hypervisor really is in the center of your data center core, and as such we need the absolute most stable product here.

Multi-processor Fault Tolerance
We’ve seen multiprocessor Fault Tolerance demoed at a few VMworlds so far, but now finally it’s here. with vSphere 6.0 you can now have Fault tolerance on VM’s with up to 4 vCPU’s. This finally opens up for the useful Fault Tolerance VM’s. I haven’t seen many critical VM’s with only 1 vCPU, even vCenter Server needs more than 1, so the use cases for the old Fault Tolerance were few and far apart.
A lot of older applications, haven’t been built with High Availability in mind and for this FT comes into play, and with the new 4 vCPU limit a lot more of older applications can be protected by FT as well. I’m guessing a lot of costumers will use this feature in their data centers. However the Bandwidth requirements for this will be quite steep, so cross data center FT might not be feasible just yet :). As with the old FT this won’t save you if your application corrupts, then both instances will be corrupt. For this you really need applications that were built for High Availability in mind.

Inter vCenter vMotion
This I think is one of the biggest new features of vSphere 6.0. The ability to vMotion between 2 vCenters is one thing a lot of people have been looking for, for a looong time. Moving VM’s without downtime to a new vCenter with newer vSphere, wasnt that easy if you deployed distributed switches. But now that really should be a thing of the past. A whole new set of design architectures should be set up now because of this feature.

Long distance vMotion
Another really nice new feature is long distance vMotion, where before you were limited to 5ms latency or 10ms in Enterprise+, you can now vMotion across links with up to 100ms of latency. For us Europeans that means we should vMotion vm’s across borders to neighboring countries or at last across the country. This opens up quite a few new scenarios for highly available infrastructure. In Denmark fx. we could vMotion between Seeland and Jutland, which would solve some of the Power issues we have :).

Web client
The last thing I will write about is the client. The new Webclient is much improved over the previous ones, and both looks and feels more like the C# client, which still is available in vSphere 6.0. Unfortunately its still not in HTML5, which would have been preferred, so the webclient could work on OS’s



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