VMUG in Copenhagen february 19th.

This years VMUG in a cinema is about NSX, and features sessions from customers that are using NSX and some that are contemplating it. VMUGdk has also scooped Martin Casado to come and speak. Martin is the co-founder of Nicera, the company that VMware bought to rename it to NSX.

I will try to give a recap of the day below.

First up was a customer session with Michael Munk Larsen and Thomas Raabo from Zitcom, talking about their transformation from “normal” networking to Software Defined Networking.


A very honest accounting of their experiences with NSX and all the issues they have encountered working with the first versions of the product, and why they don’t run NSX yet. Ended up sounding a lot like an NSX bashing session, but they kept pointing out that all the nice things about NSX can you read on different blogs.

Next up we had a very enthusiastic presentation from Martin Casado,
Starting out by giving a background story on Network virtualization .


Next moving on to showcasing different use cases for network virtualization: automation and micro segmentation.


A very interesting session with good points about network virtualization, and very nice work by the VMUGdk team to get Martin to Denmark

The next speaker was Christer Swartz of Palo Alto Networks, formerly of Cisco and Netflix. Doing a presentation on Palo Altos views on NSX and on software defined networking. Talking about what Palo Altos firewall can do for you.

Also talking about Dynamic Address Groups, and how that works with NSX


Making a point about having both the physical and virtual topology be both managed by Panorama, their management software, and them being aware of each other.

Not that big, a company in Denmark, but does seem to have some really nice features.


The last session is a community session, by Stefan Pahrmann from Lego


Talking about their reasons for buying NSX, and their plans to implement the software. Their main reasons are security concerns when expanding in both Asia and USA. Another big reason for their purchase was the automation part of NSX. Both very good reasons, and the much of the same reason I will consider an NSX installation

A very nicely done 5 slides presentation.

One of the points was stating that software was better than hardware always… Have to Quote Signoutdk on this one.

“I still prefer my LEGO to be hardware no matter what they say!”

After this there were a few price draws, and we finished off with watching the movie Kingsman, the secret service.

As a nice joke, Liselotte (VMUGDK leader), had the cinema start the movie 50 Shades of Grey instead, leaving 250 males bewildered 🙂



Thank you VMUGDK for a nice day.

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